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Established 2017, Entertainment Bulletin has produced challenging works on a variety of media platforms, from 35mm to digital cinematography. Since inception, the company has held a strong position in the Nigerian professional production market, particularly in the production of Reality TV shows,Beauty Pageants ,Live Concerts and Commercials. as required by modern film crews. We are currently One of the biggest film And Events production company in Nigeria and the whole of West Africa, undertaking a vast array of high-intensive production work, while maintaining our very high standard of professionalism and work ethics at all times. The quality of our repertoire speaks for itself.

Our aim is to produce distinct and innovative TV and Feature content by networking through collaboration and co-Productions with writers, directors, producers and other production houses, either new or established. We have worked for some of the continent's biggest conglomerates such as Iroko TV (Roks studios),Paclo Amacreci Ltd, Qhue Concepts (Miss Tourism Nigeria, Mr universe Nigeria,Men's fashion Week, The Man Awards), Glomay Specialists(Nigeria Achievers Awards), Vadang, SSG LTD(Africa Golden Awards,Miss Africa Golden) to mention a few.

In 2017, we were honoured With Three [3] Nominations From both Nigeria achievers Awards and Africa Entertainment Legends Awards in which we won 2 of Them as The Supportive Brand of the year and Best Pr Firm of the year 2017, Entertainment Bulletin has established an extensive client base and a host of foreign technical partners in the UK,Europe, Ghana and Canada.


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